Game Description

WRO Football aims, where possible, to reflect the game of human soccer. Teams of two on two autonomous robots chase an infra-red transmitting ball around a WRO size table top field with the aim to kick more goals than the opposition.



Robotics is a wonderful platform for learning 21st century skills. Solving robotic challenges builds innovation, creativity and problem solving skills in students, and because robotics cross multiple curriculum subjects, students must learn and apply their knowledge in science, engineering, math, and computer programming. The most rewarding part of designing robots is that students have fun, work together as a team, and learning occurs as naturally as breathing air.


General WRO Football Rules

In light of the above aims the following rules will be enforced without question.

1. Robots are to be built and programmed exclusively by the student participants.

2. As with human football, the referee’s decision is final. No game score will be changed on appeal, other than an error in scoring. See Section 7.

3. Students and mentors must conduct themselves in a manner which endorses the above aims and assists with the smooth running of events.

4. It is not whether you win or lose, but how much you learn that counts.


Rule Changes

If the current WRO Football Challenge appears to be mastered, the rules will undergo minor modifications the following year. Teams cannot expect to use the same robots, programs or algorithms in consecutive years. This will encourage new teams to enter, as teams are all starting again from a base level each year. It will also encourage innovation from students looking to adapt to new challenges each year.


WRO Football Fields

Organisers understand that WRO Football fields may need to vary due to local limitations in materials and equipment. Field dimensions are not critical to students having access to the challenge, as long as they are consistent. In fact WRO Football can be played on a mat rolled out on a classroom floor! These rules intentionally leave flexibility in field dimensions and field materials. The WRO World finals will use the official field with all specifications adhered to. If local variations are required, all competitors should be informed of changes well before tournament dates.