Game Description

2018 wro senior 01 

The Senior Challenge is to make a robot that can bring different kinds of food from food containers to appropriate ships in the harbor and make sure the food is transported with as little waste as possible. There are four kinds of foods represented by four colored LEGO bricks:

 2018 wro senior 02


There are four food containers:

 2018 wro senior 03

The food bricks are placed on top of the four containers in the Food Container Area: Blue Food is placed on top of the Blue Container on the black square, Green Food on the Green Container, etc. There are four ships in the Harbor Area.

 2018 wro senior 04

The different kinds of food must be brought on board the ships: The Blue Food on board the Blue Ship, the Green Food on board the Green Ship, etc.


There are four different temperature controllers:

2018 wro senior 05 


The temperature controllers must be placed on top of the ships: The Blue Controller on top of the Blue Ship, etc. Furthermore, the robot must bring the ships to sea and bring the used food containers to the Factory Area for cleaning and maintenance: The Blue Container must be placed in the Blue Square, etc. Only objects of three colors are used in one round. Both the food container (including the food brick) and the temperature controller of one color will not be used in one round (see Game Rules 2 for randomization information). The robot must start from within the Start & Finish Area. After the mission, the robot must return to the Start & Finish Area.